Telcos must include end users in network building, says Trai

NEW DELHI: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on Tuesday said telecom service providers, urban planners, and architects must engage with end users such as home buyers while designing network to improve internet connectivity inside multi-storey residential apartments.

While telecom services have improved connectivity outdoors, network inside buildings remains an issue, the telecom regulator said in a monograph tilted, ‘Quest for a good quality network inside multi-storey residential apartment’.

“As the penetration of optical fibre network is still picking up and most of multi-storey buildings does not good telecom infrastructure to provide the services to the user, there is a need to create a framework and generate awareness among stakeholders for creation of state-of-the-art infrastructure,” Trai said.

Speaking at the launch of the monograph, Trai chairman RS Sharma said quality internet services cannot be provided just by setting up of towers, telecom service providers also need robust infrastructure that connect to the last mile and support such services.

It suggested that stakeholders need to develop process and practices to provide uninterrupted services.

The monograph is on the lines of the government’s push for internet connectivity using optical cable fibre amid rising demand for data. In August, Trai floated a consultation paper seeking stakeholders’ comments on the ways to improve broadband connectivity.

Sharma, at an event in August, had said the India needs to ramp up its broadband infrastructure as wireless networks still have issues of “reliability and continuity”. The government should use cable television networks to build broadband infrastructure.

Data consumption has soared due to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns, but has revealed the gaps in services and challenges in connectivity, he said.

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