Patient cured of COVID-19 undergoes kidney transplant

A 44-year-old patient who recovered from COVID-19 has undergone a kidney transplant at GEM Hospital here, a statement from the hospital said.

According to the statement, the patient was waiting for a transplant when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Three weeks after he recovered from the disease, he got an opportunity for a transplant from a cadaver donor.

Despite the challenges involved in performing a transplant during the pandemic, the hospital took up the task, the statement said.

A team of doctors, which included Prabhu Kanchi, transplant nephrologist, Swaminathan Sambandam, transplant surgeon, and Rajasekaran Siddhan, urologist and laparoscopic renal transplant surgeon, performed the surgery.

The statement said that the hospital has so far performed seven kidney transplants during the pandemic.

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