‘MSMEs, start-ups not for non-personal data policy’

A majority of MSMEs and start-ups are not comfortable with the draft non-personal data policy in the current form, as per a survey by LocalCircles.

On responses of the public, LocalCircles said, 27% said they would never want to share their anonymised data, while 35% said they would be willing to do so only in a law and order or investigation situation. Only 30% said they could share the data with the government for general purposes.

“[About] 80% MSMEs and start-ups oppose non-personal data policy in its current form,” the community social media platform said, sharing the findings.

“[They] believe permitting large businesses and platforms to sell aggregate data for a price will not help them.”

Over 31,000 responses — about 17,000 from citizens and 15,000 from businesses — were received across 280 districts for the survey.

LocalCircles said the start -ups and SMEs believe data sharing should be voluntary to start with and could be made mandatory later for firms with annual revenue of more than ₹500 crore.

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