India accounts for 10% of global analytics job openings: study

A study on jobs and hiring trends in analytics and data science domains shows over 93,500 data science jobs were vacant in India at the end of August 2020.

Despite COVID 19, as per the survey conducted by edtech firm Great Learning, the enthusiasm and optimism around the analytics function in India continues to remain high with India contributing 9.8% of the total global analytics job openings in August 2020 compared to 7.2% in January this year. While the sector did witness a slight decrease in vacancies (from 109,000 in February to 82,500 in May 2020), the demand has continued to be fairly consistent across key industry sectors.

Hari Krishnan Nair, Co-founder, Great Learning said, “Our study found that over 93,500 data science job positions were vacant in India in August. We have seen an immense growth in the demand for professionals proficient with skills in data science and analytics. A key reason for this is the increased availability of quality analytics talent in the country which has led to captive firms and international IT and KPO corporations moving more of their business to India, investing in newer technologies and digital competencies and opening new positions here.’’

“The factors contributing to the increased demand include a year-on-year increase in funding in Indian analytics startups, investment in the development of enhanced analytics capabilities in India, and a greater proportion of jobs outsourced to firms based in India owing to the pandemic,’’ the study observed.

The current demand is dominated by MNC and Domestic IT & KPO organisations that are shifting jobs to India and are recruiting in large numbers.

The study also reveals a growing demand for mid and senior level professionals with over seven years of experience in 2020. Professionals with more than seven years of experience commanded the highest proportion of jobs with a share of 14.9% in August 2020, up from 12.5% in January 2020 and 6.7% last year. Interestingly, the demand for those with 10 to 15 years of experience increased to 11% in August 2020 after doubling to 8.6% in January 2020 from last year. The demand for those with 15+ years of experience has also witnessed a big leap to 4.9% in August 2020 after almost tripling to 2.8% in January 2020 from 1% last year.

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