Cash-strapped Manipur govt. implements austerity measures

Notification by Chief Secretary lists out a long list of curtailments on official expenditure

The cash-strapped Manipur government has issued a long list of curtailments on official expenditure to usher in austerity to save money.

A notification issued by Chief Secretary Rajesh Kumar said that all kinds of appointments in the State government offices are banned. It says that the ban is for reducing expenditure.

All government departments cannot recruit employees. Interviews and the like for any kind of appointments will not be allowed.

No additional financial grants will be paid, except those projects sponsored by the Union government. However, there will be no change in the salary and pensions. Retired journalists get ₹ 4,000 per month as pension. For a long time, the government has been saying that this amount will be enhanced. Just earlier this month, the Cabinet approved a hike to ₹ 8,000. The government notification does not say whether this would affect it.

The recent announcements for paying additional funds to some government departments have been set aside. The notification says that if any government department incurs extra expenditure, it will be the personal responsibility of the departments concerned.

Government offices cannot hold meetings in posh hotels involving huge bills. No fund will be released for all kinds of conferences, fairs and seminars. No gift items can be handed over during such State functions. All such meetings and conferences should be held through video conferencing. No vehicle can be purchased by the offices. Besides, printing of calendars, coffee table books, etc and payment of advances to the contractors and buying of office furniture and office items are banned.

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